Coeliac & vegetarian menus

Soup of the day €5.50
(Most soups will not contain flour-please check with your server)

Special of the day €15.00
(Please ask your server if this is suitable for coeliac ’s )

Smoked Salmon & poached eggs €11.00

(With capers and side salad served on a gluten free wrap)

Pork Chops €12.00

Served with champ mash and topped with a gluten free gravy

Roast Chicken Supreme €14.00

Served with champ mash; green beans & topped with a mushroom sauce.

(The Supreme is oven-cooked so please allow for 20 Mins waiting time)

Herbed Goats cheese ; walnut Salad €12.00

S/w a Beetroot & red onion salad, with Chili Yoghurt & herb oil.

Thai Red Chicken Curry & Rice (Medium spiced) €10.00

Open / closed Gluten free Wrap €10.00

Served with a side salad or soup combo

Choices; Ham / Cheese / Chicken or Salad

Oven-baked Salmon €14.00

Served with baby potatoes, green beans & summer veg.

(The Salmon is oven-cooked so please allow for 20 Mins waiting time)

Moroccan-style Lamb Burger on a gluten free wrap; salad €12.00

Homemade Chicken or Beef Burger on a gluten free wrap ; salad €12.00

10oz Sirloin Steak cooked on hot lava stone ; side salad €20.00

Chicken Caesar salad without croutons €11.00

Gluten Free dessert – Eton Mess €6.50



Our Pasta’s are not available as they contain flour; Most of our sauces on our normal a la carte menu do not contain flour-please check with your server. Please note our chips are deep fried in the same unit as other dishes with flour so are not recommended.


Vegetarian Options

From our A La Carte Menu

Spinach & Crema cheese Fettuccine €10.00

Cooked in a garlic; cream cheese sauce

Humus & Vegetable board €9.00

Freshly made humus served with our signature Guinness brown bread,

seasonal vegetable dipping sticks with a sprinkling of Olive oil

Goats Cheese & Walnut Salad €12.00

Toasted Goats cheese with a beetroot and walnut salad with herbed crutons

Caesar Salad €11.00

With traditional Caesar dressing, croutons and greens

Also available upon special request

Chunky Thai vegetable curry €10.00

Served with boiled rice (Medium Spiced)

Vegetarian Breakfast €11.00

Poached or scrambled eggs served with toast,

Portobello mushrooms, grilled tomatoes & baked beans

Humus; grilled vegetable wrap; soup combo €10.00

(Please check with your server if our soup of the day is suitable for vegetarians )

Vegetarian Frittata €11.00

Please notify management of any allergies, some dishes contain nuts..All our beef is of Irish origin

Whipped eggs and cream cheese tossed in a hot pan with seasonal vegetables

Finished in the oven for that crispy finish ( Please allow waiting time as oven cooked )

10% service charge will be added onto the total bill for groups of 10 or more ( Please note we do not split bills for groups )

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